Saturday, January 13, 2007

Time for a update to show Ben up...

Well seeing as no one ever reads this anyway I thought I'd better update it anyway. Well since I last updated this thing in March lots has happened. I'm now on a permanent contract at the council and I get woken up every morning at about 7am by a bird.

Don't worry it’s only the parrot type thing that Ben brought to entertain himself when I'm not in. Anyways - Suppose I'd better start with Christmas and all that - Had a really good Christmas but think New Year was the main party night. I got bullied into playing camp classics all night long - Which anyone who knows me will tell you just isn’t my type of music. Ben didn't like it and so stole the control - Which we then pinched back. I think the song of the night was definitely "Monster" - Don't have a clue why just seemed to fit the moment well ;)

Anyways were off on our holidays on the 1st Feb to the sunny Canary Isles again where it will no doubt be packed full of drag queens and bucket fulls of vodka. Between now and then we have Kim’s birthday on the 19th Jan and a do for Paul’s and Colin’s 40th on the 27th Jan.

Will do a bit more of an update soon.

See u all soon xx

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spring Update

Ok so I haven't updated my blog in ages - But to be fair no one ever reads it anyway! lol. Well a lots happened since Christmas - Moved in the new apartment with Ben and loving it so so much. Its just so nice and got everything I could ever want. Had the house party at the end of Feb - Jamie made himself know to the neighbours by calling the man at number 1 and asking where Rob was lol.

Been on holiday for two weeks in March as well with the better half. Went Gran Caneria and it was so so good. Was just loving the amount of vodka you get - Half a glass full - Thought I was in heaven. Whilst over there we spent a lot of the night in Caffe Le Belle with Chris D' Bray who was probably the best drag queen I have seen - Such a good laugh.

My Mum & Dad now know that I'm gay and when I told them they said they had known for 12 months! And they weren't bothered lol. Works proving to be a pain in the neck. Everyone who I work with seems like they want to know what’s going on in my life. Just before Christmas my manager decided to tell one of the lads I work with that I was gay - Which I wasn't too pleased with and now half the housing department seem to know about it.

Oh well. In other news I am back playing football - Every Sunday up the power league. Taken a few knocks and cut knees but loving it all the same.

Will try and keep this blog updated if I get the chance so for now.

Goodnight and God bless


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holidays, Christmas and the New Year

Well thought it was time for a bit of an update seeing as so much has happened since I last produced a blog. Went into Hospital at the start of December and was so nice when I woke up from the Op to see Ben there. He really looked after me the week after when I struggled with walking - proper little star! Fully over the op now so it’s back to going out and getting pissed. All the photos are from Christmas Eve - Don't ask what was the deal with the nose thing - I ain't got a clue.

Spent loads of time with Ben - More or less met his whole family Mum, Dad brothers, sisters, Nan. Went shopping in Nottingham before Christmas with Ben, his little brother Paddy and his Dad. Had a really good time and managed to get some nice tops from H&M.

Booked a holiday to Gran Canaria with Ben (going 2nd March) - So so can't wait - 14 days out of Stoke in the sun. Still really really in love with Ben - Don't know where I would be without him - Live together now although I'm still trying to get a Stoke picture up!

Also going for a night out in Manchester at the end of Jan - Me, Jamie Adam, Kim Ben and others will be descending on Canal Street so watch out if you in Manchester.

And so to the New Year - I shall be in the club - Just for a change - on New Years Eve and I'm going to try and stick it out to closing.

Just like to wish everyone a happy new year and also like to say special thanks to Ben for making me the happiest I have ever been - Love you to bits Mr and to all his mates for being so good with me - Special shouts to Dom, Martin, Adam, Oli, Julie and any others I have missed out on.

Have a wicked New Year


Monday, November 21, 2005

Last few weeks

As I sit and write this for my storage unit in Trentham (will explain later) I'm wondering where to start. So much has happened since the last blog that I'm sure I will miss something out.

Went the Warner Village last night (Sun) to see Harry Potter - Not exactly my cup of tea but still! Can't believe that Adam and Dom cried - Big bunch of girls. Sat was spent Christmas shopping with the fella - Went Trentham gardens to start with and just couldn't get enough of the shop with flavored vodkas. Ended up in Hanley and managed to get a few bit and pieces - but still got loads of Christmas shopping to do

The pics above are from the drag ball and Halloween. Both wicked nights out. Ben is dragging me to the super hero’s night this Fri but I'm not sure I want to dress up - Oh well you just know I will end up in some dodgy tight fitting superman costume!

And so as I mentioned earlier I'm writing this from my storage unit in Trentham - Since me and Ben have been together only spent 2 nights apart - More or less living at Ben's and keeping all my clothes at Trentham - Oh well Its all good - Just can't wait see what my parents say when they find out I aren’t coming home again. Me, Ben and Martin also decided that we want a place of our own so going to be looking at houses over the Christmas period. Saw a really nice one on Sunday in Longton - Just was the dogs bollox.

I shall try and keep this more updated on a regular basis from now on -

Speak to you all Soon


Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Name - Benjamin Haselhurst,
Nickname - Wings,
Age - 23 - He's older than me lol,
Residence - Got a well funky flat down Castle - Where I spend most of my time now! Profession - Vodafone - Could come in handy when the contract expires lol,
Favorite Pose - The "fast asleep" look which he perfects so well at 8am every morning as I trot off to work,
Trademark Fashion - Some really funky tops - I've already "borrowed" a few - but will go in for the kill when he isn’t looking or is sleeping.
Smokes - Don't think he does,
Drinks - Anything I give him when we are out - Usually Vodka Lime and Lemonade but will get him on the stronger stuff when I next take him to Revo's,
Loves - His cat, his weird X Men things and his drawings - All good stuff,
Hates - Hmm I honestly can't think of anything he hates - He’s too laid back to hate someone, Role - Just the best bloke ever - So so lucky to be with him - And he just makes me smile all the time - Awwwwww,
Most Likely To Say - Hmm I think I will come back to this bit when I can think of something that the kids can read - Only joking ;-)
Least Likely To Say - "I can't wait go in flares tonight, Shall we stay in all night?"

Friday, October 28, 2005

One in a million

Piss heads - Locks and James
Aww - Ain't he just lovely
Above: Kelly, Me and Jamie
Above: Jamie, Me and sexy sexy Ben!
Righty where do I start - Been a really really wicked week and a bit. Sort of a bit lost for words really. Met the nicest lad ever. Hes so sexy, funny, caring, cute, down to earth and just everything anyone could ever want. Really over the moon that I'm finally with Ben. Can't shut up about him most of the time. Think Jamie and everyone at work is fed up with me going on and on about Ben - But hes just so mmmmmmm....... lovely
Pics above are from monday night. As you can see I told Kelly I was gay - took a while for it to sink in but she came the club with us for a bit. She was really good about it really.
So today its fri and I'm shitting myself about going out in fancy dress to the club. Think I'm going to have to get very very drunk - Oh well. If you see me on the floor just step over me.
Will write another blog up over the weekend when I have more time. Just really wanted to say how happy Ben has made me and I just feel on top of the world.
Happy Days...
See you all soon
Locks xx
P.S Jamie you are out on Sunday no matter what - Im in work the next day so if I can do it so can you !!!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005


Well okay - Few things got me thinking recently. Really glad I made the break through and actually now out on the scene. Just over a year ago I was still hanging about with My very str8 mate - I knew he would never accept what I was - but at the same time I didn't have a clue if I ever wanted to go the club. Heard so many stories about the place. Used to have a drive around with my mate when we were up Hanley and always wished I could turn to him and ask him to come in with me. I knew he never would. He hated gays - Was just hard knowing he wouldn’t accept me. But as they say – He obviously wasn’t a true mate if he couldn’t accept what I was.

Anyways I went the club in May 2004 for the first time - As I got home the next day I said to myself that I was never setting foot in the place again. It was the whole fresh meat thing and the looks - I hated the place. So as it was my str8 mate got back in touch and so we started going to the str8 bars again. It was so killing me inside though - Hated it but didn’t know what to do.

Then along came Jamie - Spoke to him for a while on msn - Really nice lad - And he offered to take me the club. It was the end of August - Just started a new job and the parents were away again! So I thought - Why not? - I will be ok. Got as far as Hanley and I just couldn't do it. Told Jamie I didn't think I could make it. Then he text back and told me to pull up outside the club in my car. Think I scared the living daylights out of Adam - Remember him saying how str8 looking I was lol. Think he thought I was going to deck him.

Anyways Ian - My ex was going the club that night - So I explained the situation to him and he said he would take me in. Seemed a bit strange going in - But I soon found Jamie, Adam and Kim and they were so so nice.

That month Jamie, Adam and Kim took me to Manchester and it really opened my eyes. It was ace. The atmosphere was wicked and people didn't give a shit. And as the story goes I soon became a regular in the club thanks to Jamie, Adam and Kim and had some wicked nights out.

Been to Manchester on endless occasions, Ng1 a fair few times, Blackpool, Wolves, Birmingham and hopefully many more to come.

Couldn't have done it without the likes of Jamie, Adam, and Kim made some wicked friends along the way but these three deserve a special shout out.

In all honesty I would do anything for them - There ace - And I'll always be looking out for them.

I'm sure there are plenty of other things in life that will cause me stress and the like but as long as I've got my mates around me nothing else matters.

Now where's that Vodka Mr Shaw!!

Mr James

Well what can I say about Mr James - First met him through Jamie and been out on a few wild nights with him. Always remember his mum giving me a lift home - I'm failry sure I was wearing a cow boy hat. - James is so so ace - Proper nice lad and we always have a good moan about all the wankers on the scene when were out. Top man!!