Sunday, September 18, 2005

Kim - How ace is Kim. Shes such a star. Says what she thinks and won't take shit of anyone. Never forget when she got speaking to this bloke in canal street. Next thing we know he was following us around. We had to try and loose him in one of the bars - You should have seen how tall he was - Jesus the man was massive

Adam - Mr Davenport - How strange is this man, lol only joking. Remember the first time I saw Adam. I had pulled up outside the tuns in my car and was talking to Jamie - The look on Adams face said it. I think I had scared him off. Famous saying from Adam is "how rude. " Also never forget dancing on these big stone things in Manchester and everyone from the take away came out to look at us - Piss heads that we are.


Jamie Shaw - Lol where do I start with this one. Hes proper bo selecta - A little bit crazy at times but a night out wouldn't be a night out without Mr Shaw. During the last 12 months we have managed to abuse countless memebers of the public including dirty taxi drivers, seedy old men and lots of drag queens. Don't know where I would be without Jamie.