Friday, October 28, 2005

One in a million

Piss heads - Locks and James
Aww - Ain't he just lovely
Above: Kelly, Me and Jamie
Above: Jamie, Me and sexy sexy Ben!
Righty where do I start - Been a really really wicked week and a bit. Sort of a bit lost for words really. Met the nicest lad ever. Hes so sexy, funny, caring, cute, down to earth and just everything anyone could ever want. Really over the moon that I'm finally with Ben. Can't shut up about him most of the time. Think Jamie and everyone at work is fed up with me going on and on about Ben - But hes just so mmmmmmm....... lovely
Pics above are from monday night. As you can see I told Kelly I was gay - took a while for it to sink in but she came the club with us for a bit. She was really good about it really.
So today its fri and I'm shitting myself about going out in fancy dress to the club. Think I'm going to have to get very very drunk - Oh well. If you see me on the floor just step over me.
Will write another blog up over the weekend when I have more time. Just really wanted to say how happy Ben has made me and I just feel on top of the world.
Happy Days...
See you all soon
Locks xx
P.S Jamie you are out on Sunday no matter what - Im in work the next day so if I can do it so can you !!!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005


Well okay - Few things got me thinking recently. Really glad I made the break through and actually now out on the scene. Just over a year ago I was still hanging about with My very str8 mate - I knew he would never accept what I was - but at the same time I didn't have a clue if I ever wanted to go the club. Heard so many stories about the place. Used to have a drive around with my mate when we were up Hanley and always wished I could turn to him and ask him to come in with me. I knew he never would. He hated gays - Was just hard knowing he wouldn’t accept me. But as they say – He obviously wasn’t a true mate if he couldn’t accept what I was.

Anyways I went the club in May 2004 for the first time - As I got home the next day I said to myself that I was never setting foot in the place again. It was the whole fresh meat thing and the looks - I hated the place. So as it was my str8 mate got back in touch and so we started going to the str8 bars again. It was so killing me inside though - Hated it but didn’t know what to do.

Then along came Jamie - Spoke to him for a while on msn - Really nice lad - And he offered to take me the club. It was the end of August - Just started a new job and the parents were away again! So I thought - Why not? - I will be ok. Got as far as Hanley and I just couldn't do it. Told Jamie I didn't think I could make it. Then he text back and told me to pull up outside the club in my car. Think I scared the living daylights out of Adam - Remember him saying how str8 looking I was lol. Think he thought I was going to deck him.

Anyways Ian - My ex was going the club that night - So I explained the situation to him and he said he would take me in. Seemed a bit strange going in - But I soon found Jamie, Adam and Kim and they were so so nice.

That month Jamie, Adam and Kim took me to Manchester and it really opened my eyes. It was ace. The atmosphere was wicked and people didn't give a shit. And as the story goes I soon became a regular in the club thanks to Jamie, Adam and Kim and had some wicked nights out.

Been to Manchester on endless occasions, Ng1 a fair few times, Blackpool, Wolves, Birmingham and hopefully many more to come.

Couldn't have done it without the likes of Jamie, Adam, and Kim made some wicked friends along the way but these three deserve a special shout out.

In all honesty I would do anything for them - There ace - And I'll always be looking out for them.

I'm sure there are plenty of other things in life that will cause me stress and the like but as long as I've got my mates around me nothing else matters.

Now where's that Vodka Mr Shaw!!

Mr James

Well what can I say about Mr James - First met him through Jamie and been out on a few wild nights with him. Always remember his mum giving me a lift home - I'm failry sure I was wearing a cow boy hat. - James is so so ace - Proper nice lad and we always have a good moan about all the wankers on the scene when were out. Top man!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Another Weekend gone

So another action packed weekend - Ended up in Wolves on Fri. night via Stafford. Was a funny night - Lee Evans tried to set me up with this lad who then more or less just followed me around all night - He just wouldn't take no for a answer. Got asked about 4 times if I was straight and then one bloke said I had an innocent face to which Lee pissed himself laughing.

Went out on sat night again - Just for a change. Got some "I love vodka" pants from revo's - Have to wear them next time I'm out lol. Not a lot really happened on sat night - Which was strange. Oh well maybe next week.

Got some big nights out planned soon. Stoke are at home sat - So I'm going to have to leg it back along the canal - Come in get ready and be up Hanley for seven as going the theatre with work - Jamie is coming to. Then off work Mon and Tues - 24th,25th. And parents are away so planning a little party on the Mon then going up Hanley - Student nights are so so cheap! Also taking a mate from work to the club that night - She doesn't know I'm gay - So I think it will be a case of Sambuca in one hand and just tell her - "by the way were going the club next!"

Then on the Friday I have some how got dragged into wearing a Halloween costume - Why did I agree to it? Also in November going Pride Reunion down south somewhere - Can't remember the name. They have a footy tournament which you just know I'm going to be in and gay speed dating - Which Mark says we are going to - Should be fun. Staying in a little lodge thing I think - It looks nice and the break for a few days will do us good. More blogs to come - If I can be arsed to write them.


Monday, October 10, 2005

Nikki Shaw

Nikki Shaw - Another one from the Shaw clan. Shes so so ace and whenever we go out its always me and her who are pissed the first. Remember when we blocked off a street in Hanley with a load of ballards and the taxis couldn't get past. We have had some wicked nights - And hopefully many more to come, Mucho Friooooo!!!!