Sunday, October 16, 2005

Another Weekend gone

So another action packed weekend - Ended up in Wolves on Fri. night via Stafford. Was a funny night - Lee Evans tried to set me up with this lad who then more or less just followed me around all night - He just wouldn't take no for a answer. Got asked about 4 times if I was straight and then one bloke said I had an innocent face to which Lee pissed himself laughing.

Went out on sat night again - Just for a change. Got some "I love vodka" pants from revo's - Have to wear them next time I'm out lol. Not a lot really happened on sat night - Which was strange. Oh well maybe next week.

Got some big nights out planned soon. Stoke are at home sat - So I'm going to have to leg it back along the canal - Come in get ready and be up Hanley for seven as going the theatre with work - Jamie is coming to. Then off work Mon and Tues - 24th,25th. And parents are away so planning a little party on the Mon then going up Hanley - Student nights are so so cheap! Also taking a mate from work to the club that night - She doesn't know I'm gay - So I think it will be a case of Sambuca in one hand and just tell her - "by the way were going the club next!"

Then on the Friday I have some how got dragged into wearing a Halloween costume - Why did I agree to it? Also in November going Pride Reunion down south somewhere - Can't remember the name. They have a footy tournament which you just know I'm going to be in and gay speed dating - Which Mark says we are going to - Should be fun. Staying in a little lodge thing I think - It looks nice and the break for a few days will do us good. More blogs to come - If I can be arsed to write them.



Blogger Emily Santiago said...

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Blogger Locks said...

Mrs Santiago - I don't think we have had the pleasure of ever meeting - Which in all honesty is a tragedy - But go and do you advertising somewhere else - And take your words of wisdom else where duck!!!

7:27 pm  
Blogger Wings said...

haha - ah yes, the land of blogging is full of adverts like this - the herpes of your diary. think they do a cream for it though. failing that use the rubbish bin icon thingummy when you're signed in.

8:03 pm  

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