Monday, October 17, 2005


Well okay - Few things got me thinking recently. Really glad I made the break through and actually now out on the scene. Just over a year ago I was still hanging about with My very str8 mate - I knew he would never accept what I was - but at the same time I didn't have a clue if I ever wanted to go the club. Heard so many stories about the place. Used to have a drive around with my mate when we were up Hanley and always wished I could turn to him and ask him to come in with me. I knew he never would. He hated gays - Was just hard knowing he wouldn’t accept me. But as they say – He obviously wasn’t a true mate if he couldn’t accept what I was.

Anyways I went the club in May 2004 for the first time - As I got home the next day I said to myself that I was never setting foot in the place again. It was the whole fresh meat thing and the looks - I hated the place. So as it was my str8 mate got back in touch and so we started going to the str8 bars again. It was so killing me inside though - Hated it but didn’t know what to do.

Then along came Jamie - Spoke to him for a while on msn - Really nice lad - And he offered to take me the club. It was the end of August - Just started a new job and the parents were away again! So I thought - Why not? - I will be ok. Got as far as Hanley and I just couldn't do it. Told Jamie I didn't think I could make it. Then he text back and told me to pull up outside the club in my car. Think I scared the living daylights out of Adam - Remember him saying how str8 looking I was lol. Think he thought I was going to deck him.

Anyways Ian - My ex was going the club that night - So I explained the situation to him and he said he would take me in. Seemed a bit strange going in - But I soon found Jamie, Adam and Kim and they were so so nice.

That month Jamie, Adam and Kim took me to Manchester and it really opened my eyes. It was ace. The atmosphere was wicked and people didn't give a shit. And as the story goes I soon became a regular in the club thanks to Jamie, Adam and Kim and had some wicked nights out.

Been to Manchester on endless occasions, Ng1 a fair few times, Blackpool, Wolves, Birmingham and hopefully many more to come.

Couldn't have done it without the likes of Jamie, Adam, and Kim made some wicked friends along the way but these three deserve a special shout out.

In all honesty I would do anything for them - There ace - And I'll always be looking out for them.

I'm sure there are plenty of other things in life that will cause me stress and the like but as long as I've got my mates around me nothing else matters.

Now where's that Vodka Mr Shaw!!


Blogger Wings said...

And now you're fixtures and fittings ;)
Cool top piccy Mr. Told you I'd be the earliest up this morning. And now I'm paying for it >:/

10:19 am  
Blogger Locks said...

Fixtures & Fittings ? - Well I'm almost there.

I still think you cheated somehow with getting up early - And don't worry you may have beat me on this one - But you've no chance next time - And don't forget the 28th And the fangs lol x

5:02 pm  
Blogger Wings said...

Haha, deal! 28th is penned in ready! I didn't cheat at all by setting my alarm just to text you and go back to bed till 8:45... :p that would be dishonest and stuff. Fixtures and fittings already acreditted to your name Mr Locker. Trust me lol.
And don't forget tommorrow is welcome to fangage too... ;) x

5:45 pm  
Blogger Locks said...

Ahh okay then Mr - Let you off this time - You win fair and sqaure - Just gutted I didn't get there first. I'm so not going to forget the 28th - So watch out! And as for 2moro - You will have to wait and see lol ;-) x

5:52 pm  
Blogger Wings said...

Flirt ;P may have to hold you to that Mr Locker... I won't embarrass you on here though - heehee x

9:35 pm  

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