Friday, October 28, 2005

One in a million

Piss heads - Locks and James
Aww - Ain't he just lovely
Above: Kelly, Me and Jamie
Above: Jamie, Me and sexy sexy Ben!
Righty where do I start - Been a really really wicked week and a bit. Sort of a bit lost for words really. Met the nicest lad ever. Hes so sexy, funny, caring, cute, down to earth and just everything anyone could ever want. Really over the moon that I'm finally with Ben. Can't shut up about him most of the time. Think Jamie and everyone at work is fed up with me going on and on about Ben - But hes just so mmmmmmm....... lovely
Pics above are from monday night. As you can see I told Kelly I was gay - took a while for it to sink in but she came the club with us for a bit. She was really good about it really.
So today its fri and I'm shitting myself about going out in fancy dress to the club. Think I'm going to have to get very very drunk - Oh well. If you see me on the floor just step over me.
Will write another blog up over the weekend when I have more time. Just really wanted to say how happy Ben has made me and I just feel on top of the world.
Happy Days...
See you all soon
Locks xx
P.S Jamie you are out on Sunday no matter what - Im in work the next day so if I can do it so can you !!!!!!


Blogger Wings said...

Awww mr that's well sweet! Blesh ya. Really really REALLY enjoyed this last week plus too. You got me smitten handsome - looking forward to much more like it. I'll even prop you against tables/walls/jamie on your vodka fuelled mission ;)
Glad you're enjoying this as much as me - will see you tonight fella xXx

3:04 pm  
Blogger Martin Rhodes said...


Im concerned for your mental health, here is why -

You described ben as the following -

Cute - No
Funny - About as funny as herpes
Down to earth - He likes XMEN for crying out loud.

And this is to name a few.

I do beleive that you will recover from this when the rohypnol he keeps spiking you wiv wears off.

Martin xx

PS - only joking, hope it all works out for u both, u have my backing!

5:25 pm  
Blogger Martin Rhodes said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5:29 pm  
Anonymous wingsstoke said...


He's A Gay with a mute obese cat and a 45% greater risk of contracting cancer through his smoking habit. I won't be losing any sleep...

B xXx

5:30 pm  
Blogger Locks said...

Ben is gay? Jesus thanks for telling me - I will watch my back when I'm around him from now on
;-) Really enjoyed getting to know all of you lot - Had some wicked nights with all of you and hopefully more to come. Your all just so ace. And as for Cat's - I'm not getting involved but Ben's pussy is well cute! See you laters xxx

5:33 pm  
Blogger Wings said...

So nerr nerr nerr ner ner Martini you obese feline owning mimsy! And yeah Rob, afraid to say I ain't straight. Thought you may have an inkling with the kissing, hugging, blah blah blah that we seem to get up to all the time; including Martinis car :D

B xXx

9:10 am  

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