Monday, November 21, 2005

Last few weeks

As I sit and write this for my storage unit in Trentham (will explain later) I'm wondering where to start. So much has happened since the last blog that I'm sure I will miss something out.

Went the Warner Village last night (Sun) to see Harry Potter - Not exactly my cup of tea but still! Can't believe that Adam and Dom cried - Big bunch of girls. Sat was spent Christmas shopping with the fella - Went Trentham gardens to start with and just couldn't get enough of the shop with flavored vodkas. Ended up in Hanley and managed to get a few bit and pieces - but still got loads of Christmas shopping to do

The pics above are from the drag ball and Halloween. Both wicked nights out. Ben is dragging me to the super hero’s night this Fri but I'm not sure I want to dress up - Oh well you just know I will end up in some dodgy tight fitting superman costume!

And so as I mentioned earlier I'm writing this from my storage unit in Trentham - Since me and Ben have been together only spent 2 nights apart - More or less living at Ben's and keeping all my clothes at Trentham - Oh well Its all good - Just can't wait see what my parents say when they find out I aren’t coming home again. Me, Ben and Martin also decided that we want a place of our own so going to be looking at houses over the Christmas period. Saw a really nice one on Sunday in Longton - Just was the dogs bollox.

I shall try and keep this more updated on a regular basis from now on -

Speak to you all Soon


Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Name - Benjamin Haselhurst,
Nickname - Wings,
Age - 23 - He's older than me lol,
Residence - Got a well funky flat down Castle - Where I spend most of my time now! Profession - Vodafone - Could come in handy when the contract expires lol,
Favorite Pose - The "fast asleep" look which he perfects so well at 8am every morning as I trot off to work,
Trademark Fashion - Some really funky tops - I've already "borrowed" a few - but will go in for the kill when he isn’t looking or is sleeping.
Smokes - Don't think he does,
Drinks - Anything I give him when we are out - Usually Vodka Lime and Lemonade but will get him on the stronger stuff when I next take him to Revo's,
Loves - His cat, his weird X Men things and his drawings - All good stuff,
Hates - Hmm I honestly can't think of anything he hates - He’s too laid back to hate someone, Role - Just the best bloke ever - So so lucky to be with him - And he just makes me smile all the time - Awwwwww,
Most Likely To Say - Hmm I think I will come back to this bit when I can think of something that the kids can read - Only joking ;-)
Least Likely To Say - "I can't wait go in flares tonight, Shall we stay in all night?"