Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Name - Benjamin Haselhurst,
Nickname - Wings,
Age - 23 - He's older than me lol,
Residence - Got a well funky flat down Castle - Where I spend most of my time now! Profession - Vodafone - Could come in handy when the contract expires lol,
Favorite Pose - The "fast asleep" look which he perfects so well at 8am every morning as I trot off to work,
Trademark Fashion - Some really funky tops - I've already "borrowed" a few - but will go in for the kill when he isn’t looking or is sleeping.
Smokes - Don't think he does,
Drinks - Anything I give him when we are out - Usually Vodka Lime and Lemonade but will get him on the stronger stuff when I next take him to Revo's,
Loves - His cat, his weird X Men things and his drawings - All good stuff,
Hates - Hmm I honestly can't think of anything he hates - He’s too laid back to hate someone, Role - Just the best bloke ever - So so lucky to be with him - And he just makes me smile all the time - Awwwwww,
Most Likely To Say - Hmm I think I will come back to this bit when I can think of something that the kids can read - Only joking ;-)
Least Likely To Say - "I can't wait go in flares tonight, Shall we stay in all night?"


Blogger Wings said...

Let's start with the picture - change it please!!! Profile made me chuckle mr - but trust me I shall have my revenge. Cue evil laugh and much hand rubbing... >:)

B xXx

10:04 pm  
Blogger Martin Rhodes said...

Robert here is a suggestion -

Most Likeley to Say -

Martini, you really are "the gay", i mean he tries to pretend he doesnt think it, but deep deep down we both know its true.

and looking at your profile, i can see the rohypnol is still in full force, deary me. Its time to get concerned when teh hallucinations start, oh sorry thats me again!

muffdiver xx

1:27 pm  
Blogger Wings said...

yes you're the one who hallucinates in toilet cubicles off nicorette patches.


4:08 pm  

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