Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holidays, Christmas and the New Year

Well thought it was time for a bit of an update seeing as so much has happened since I last produced a blog. Went into Hospital at the start of December and was so nice when I woke up from the Op to see Ben there. He really looked after me the week after when I struggled with walking - proper little star! Fully over the op now so it’s back to going out and getting pissed. All the photos are from Christmas Eve - Don't ask what was the deal with the nose thing - I ain't got a clue.

Spent loads of time with Ben - More or less met his whole family Mum, Dad brothers, sisters, Nan. Went shopping in Nottingham before Christmas with Ben, his little brother Paddy and his Dad. Had a really good time and managed to get some nice tops from H&M.

Booked a holiday to Gran Canaria with Ben (going 2nd March) - So so can't wait - 14 days out of Stoke in the sun. Still really really in love with Ben - Don't know where I would be without him - Live together now although I'm still trying to get a Stoke picture up!

Also going for a night out in Manchester at the end of Jan - Me, Jamie Adam, Kim Ben and others will be descending on Canal Street so watch out if you in Manchester.

And so to the New Year - I shall be in the club - Just for a change - on New Years Eve and I'm going to try and stick it out to closing.

Just like to wish everyone a happy new year and also like to say special thanks to Ben for making me the happiest I have ever been - Love you to bits Mr and to all his mates for being so good with me - Special shouts to Dom, Martin, Adam, Oli, Julie and any others I have missed out on.

Have a wicked New Year



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hey Bobby methinks you're due an update!!!!!!!!

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