Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spring Update

Ok so I haven't updated my blog in ages - But to be fair no one ever reads it anyway! lol. Well a lots happened since Christmas - Moved in the new apartment with Ben and loving it so so much. Its just so nice and got everything I could ever want. Had the house party at the end of Feb - Jamie made himself know to the neighbours by calling the man at number 1 and asking where Rob was lol.

Been on holiday for two weeks in March as well with the better half. Went Gran Caneria and it was so so good. Was just loving the amount of vodka you get - Half a glass full - Thought I was in heaven. Whilst over there we spent a lot of the night in Caffe Le Belle with Chris D' Bray who was probably the best drag queen I have seen - Such a good laugh.

My Mum & Dad now know that I'm gay and when I told them they said they had known for 12 months! And they weren't bothered lol. Works proving to be a pain in the neck. Everyone who I work with seems like they want to know what’s going on in my life. Just before Christmas my manager decided to tell one of the lads I work with that I was gay - Which I wasn't too pleased with and now half the housing department seem to know about it.

Oh well. In other news I am back playing football - Every Sunday up the power league. Taken a few knocks and cut knees but loving it all the same.

Will try and keep this blog updated if I get the chance so for now.

Goodnight and God bless



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