Saturday, January 13, 2007

Time for a update to show Ben up...

Well seeing as no one ever reads this anyway I thought I'd better update it anyway. Well since I last updated this thing in March lots has happened. I'm now on a permanent contract at the council and I get woken up every morning at about 7am by a bird.

Don't worry it’s only the parrot type thing that Ben brought to entertain himself when I'm not in. Anyways - Suppose I'd better start with Christmas and all that - Had a really good Christmas but think New Year was the main party night. I got bullied into playing camp classics all night long - Which anyone who knows me will tell you just isn’t my type of music. Ben didn't like it and so stole the control - Which we then pinched back. I think the song of the night was definitely "Monster" - Don't have a clue why just seemed to fit the moment well ;)

Anyways were off on our holidays on the 1st Feb to the sunny Canary Isles again where it will no doubt be packed full of drag queens and bucket fulls of vodka. Between now and then we have Kim’s birthday on the 19th Jan and a do for Paul’s and Colin’s 40th on the 27th Jan.

Will do a bit more of an update soon.

See u all soon xx